Fabrication Services Offered:
Full Mold Fabrication
Spider Design
Mold Revisions
Machine Clearance and Size Redesigns
Air Clamping and Pneumatic Pins

 And MANY more!

Over time, tooling can require repair and refurbishment when subject to the daily rigors of rotational molding. Similarly, as newly launched products are evaluated in the market, design changes may be necessary to provide end-users the required performance of their rotationally molded parts.

To respond to the market’s need for tool revision and refurbishment, Signature Mold has built robust capabilities and developed a highly experienced and skilled team dedicated specifically to providing these services.

With tooling revisions, we begin by analyzing customers’ updated product design, then develop and execute a manufacturing strategy to revise tooling relative to the desired part production requirements. Additionally, our refurbishment capabilities allow customers to optimize tooling longevity by maintaining proper working condition of parting lines, clamping and closure mechanisms, air management systems and ancillary tool components.


For more information on Media Blasting please contact:
Rick Kirtley
Phone: 330-524-6418
​Email: Rick@moldasap.com

Types of Blasting we do:

Let Signature Mold and Fabrication build your next mold. From CNC tooling to spider revisions, we can do it all. We can build molds to fit your machine parameters from the beginning which can prevent massive downtime due to mold clearance issues.  From slides to hot tubes to coolers, we can fabricate any mold you may need.
...get it done right the first time!

Glass Bead Blasting
Soda Blasting
Steel Shot Blasting
Steel Grit Blasting
Steel Bead Blasting
Plastic Abrasive Blasting

Signature Mold offers a wide array of sandblasting, metal cleaning, and texture services. Make your parts like new again or prep them for paint.

​Revitalize your products by blasting away old worn, rusty, or oxidized surfaces or change completely with a totally new texture. Signature Mold only uses silica free media.


Mold modifications Parting line repair & refurbishment Pin and bushing repair, modification or replacement Cavity surface (nicks, dings, scratches and defect) repair Frame or spider refurbishment or replacement Teflon coating
Air Clamping and Pneumatic Pins 
Plus many more!

Media Blasting Services Offered:​ 
Remove rust
  Remove paint
  Remove scale
  Remove discoloration
  Prepare a surface for finish

​Pneumatic Cylinders for Pins and Inserts:

  • Pulls all pins and inserts at the same time
  • Reduces time needed for demolding thus increases cycle time.

Pneumatic Clamping:

  • Quick and easy way to open and close all molds on a framework at the same time
  • Operates in seconds vs. conventional bolts or clamps
  • Reduces operator fatigue and injuries
  • ​Prevents damage to molds from over tightening
  • Eliminates error from not undoing or doing all bolts or clamps

For more information, please contact:

Tom Kirtley

Phone: 330-472-2427

Email: tom@moldasap.com